Extended through June 30, 2022.

Welcome to your Private Beta Invite

Middle Tennessee Private Beta version 1 - Feb. 2022 - June 2022.


It's Jim from Clb360Tours.com and I am excited you are interested in our Middle Tennessee beta for 2022.  This is our first beta group for 2022 here in Middle Tennessee and will run through June 2022.

On this page, you will find out more about our beta program and why we are offering a huge discount as well as some of the past results we got from our partner business in Oklahoma during our June 2021 OK beta program.

This beta is by private invite only and all invites are being handed out in person at local businesses here in the Middle Tennesse area.  If you have your invite, use the form below to sign up and get your all-inclusive 360-degree tour and Google street view tour started right now.

The rules for our beta are quite simple, all invites must be received and orders placed by June 30, 2022 in able to get the special beta pricing.

Why Beta Programs?

The reason we use beta programs is to allow us to break into a local market that we otherwise have not been operating within.

Beta programs allow us to do two primary things.

  1. Allow us to offer a significant discount in return for building our customer base within a specific location (in our current beta Middle Tennessee).  We provide value and the local beta participants will get an all-inclusive 360-degree tour and google site tour for significantly less than our current pricing model.
  2. Beta programs allow us to get referrals and reviews/testimonials for our business and use them in future marketing materials.

Beta Benefits

Past beta program benefits included the following:

  1. 55% increase in more website traffic from their GMB pages
  2. 41% more positive reviews left on their GMB page
  3. 29% increase in more customers from their GMB page

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased SEO - more space on Google means more views and interest to your GMB page.  More of anything in Google is a great thing.
  • Better Online Reviews - show your prospective customers the inside of your business and what they can expect so no more guessing what your business looks like.
  • Improve Your Social Media - use your 360 tour on your social media profiles, watch your views skyrocket, and allow your customers to share your business with all their friends.
  • More Customer Traffic - it's simple  - more views = more customers.

Beta Rules

Beta programs rules include the following:

  1. Must be a local Middle Tennessee owned business
  2. Must agree to refer (2) additional business owners that you feel might be a good fit with our current beta program
  3. You agree to give us valuable feedback and or a review/testimonial for our business.
  4. Allow Clb360Tours.com to use your business or business identity within our site or in future marketing materials.

Beta Program 2022 - Middle Tennessee V1

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